Custom Domain

Want memorable form URLs that match your brand? Customize your HeyForm links and metadata with your own (sub)domain.

Assume your company’s website is, and you want to use the subdomain to share your HeyForms. With HeyForm Premium, you can connect this subdomain to your HeyForm workspace.

Follow the steps below to connect your (sub)domain and start creating branded forms.

1. Connect a custom domain

Go to Workspace Settings in your sidebar and Enable Custom domain.

Connect a custom domain

You can add either:

  • a domain (e.g.
  • a subdomain (e.g.

2. Add DNS records to your domain provider

After entering your domain, click on Continue button. You'll see the DNS records that need to be added to your domain provider's settings, such as Cloudflare, Namecheap, or GoDaddy.

Add DNS records to your domain provider

Wait for the DNS records to be verified. This process can take anywhere from a few seconds to a few hours, depending on how long your DNS takes to propagate.

When your domain points to our servers, HeyForm will automatically generate an SSL Certificate.