Start building awesome forms in under 5 minutes

Before you start building a form, it's important to grasp two key concepts:

  • Workspace: Workspaces are shared environments where members can collaborate.
  • Project: Projects are subgroups in a workspace, where you can add the workspace members to work collaboratively on forms, audiences, and integrations.

Imagine being a product owner at a SaaS startup called XYZ. You have the ability to create a workspace named 'XYZ' and a project specifically for 'Product Management'. Within this project, you can easily create survey forms to validate ideas and assess market fit.

Now, let's switch gears and imagine you are a math teacher at a high school. You can create your workspace using your school's name. Inside this workspace, you can set up a project dedicated to 'Math', where you have the option to effortlessly generate quiz forms for final exams.

Create your first workspace

After creating a HeyForm account, you will need to create a new workspace because all projects are organized in the workspace.

The name field is required and the logo field is optional. If no logo is set, the system default will be the first text character of your workspace name.

Create a workspace in HeyForm

Create your first project

After creating the workspace, you need to create a new project because all forms are organized in projects.

Create a project in HeyForm

Once you are in, you can see all your projects listed in the left sidebar. You can click on the project name to view all the forms associated with it.

Check your projects in HeyForm

Create your first form

To get started, you need to give your form a title, which usually means your purpose of the form.

Create a form

HeyForm provides a user-friendly interface for form composing, it’s very similar to making a PPT in PowerPoint, and every question is a slider.

Create a new form

Move and duplicate a question

Move a question by dragging and dropping it to another position in your form. Click on the right icon to expand the menu, and choose ‘Duplicate’ to duplicate a question.

Create a new form

Options Panel

The right sidebar is what we call the Options Panel, it provides the options to customize the question, such as:

  • Make questions required or optional
  • Insert an image to the question
  • Set a character limit: minimum or maximum number of characters or choices
  • Customize the design of the form
  • Add conditional logic to hide/show/jump-to a question