Integrate your HeyForm with Slack

Slack is primarily used for communication in teams, as the service can be perfectly integrated into the workflow. Slack does not reinvent the wheel, but it combines many practical features from other services in one package and is extremely compatible with external programs. This mix proves to be very useful and should pave the way for further growth. With Slack you will get notified for every HeyForm completion. Slack also brings all your team members' communication and collaboration into one place, in which you will have better team productivity and efficiency.

Slack Integration

Integrating with Slack is even easier than before, so just follow this 2 step process to enable posting messages using incoming webhooks in just a few minutes:

1. Authorize your Slack Account

Authorize HeyForm with your Slack Account to send responses to your Slack channel. Click on "Login with Slack".

Authorize your Slack Account

2. Choose your Workspace

  • Select the Slack workspace you want to connect with, as all the channels you have created is linked with with your Slack workspace.
  • After selecting the Slack workspace, click the "Allow" button to continue.

Choose your Workspace

3. Choose your channel

Now choose a channel for forwarding the form submissions.

Choose your channel

You will now start receiving the form submissions in your Slack channel.

HeyForm notification in Slack