Add social login to your self-hosted HeyForm instance.

Currently, HeyForm only supports login with Google and Apple.

Login with Google

In this guide will be used to represent the location you are hosting HeyForm, it should be replaced with the correct value.

Create a project

  • Go to OAuth consent screen
  • Choose an “App name”
  • Make sure that “Authorized domains” includes the domain you are using for HeyForm


  • Go to Credentials
  • Click on “Create credentials” and select “OAuth client ID”
  • Choose Web application as the application type
  • Under “Authorized JavaScript origins” enter your domain name again
  • Under “Authorized redirect URIs” enter the URL (replacing the domain name):
  • Click “Save”
  • Make a note of the Client ID and Secret values

Environment variables

Add the values noted from the above process in the following environment variables: